Amplifiers & preamplifiers for your stereo system

The amplifier is a vital component of any stereo system, taking the input signal from your source (e.g. CD player or turntable), using mains power to 'amplify' or enlarge it, and feeding it through to a set of speakers.

Quality hi-fi amplifiers will do this with great accuracy, faithful to the original recording, while minimising artefacts like background noise and distortion. This has the result of giving you a pure, crisp, accurate sound.

Not all amplifiers are made the same; just like how all great wines or beers don't taste alike, each brand of amplifier has its own nuances in the reproduction of sound. Experimenting with different models until you find something perfect for you is one of the joys of building an audio system.

We have a range of great-value stereo integrated amplifiers for your home sound system, as well as phono preamplifiers which are specific to turntables (the signal coming out of them is very weak, requiring further amplification before reaching the main amplifier), and headphone amplifiers to boost the signal between your phone or laptop and your headphones.

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