Buy your stereo system now, pay later with PartPay!

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We're really pleased to offer our customers PartPay on all products. It lets you get your order now while splitting the payments over 6 weeks. 

You can use PartPay with all orders between $50 and $1,000 on the Sounds Unreal NZ online store - headphones, turntables, Bluetooth audio, 4K TV HDMI cables and more. 

As long as you don't miss a payment, there's no interest or fees.

Once PartPay has confirmed your available limit, you'll pay 25% upfront with your debit or credit card. The remainder will be split over three fortnightly payments which will automatically be charged to the same card.

For instant verification, you just need an NZ driver's licence. Once approved, we'll get your product on the way.

Just select the PartPay option during checkout. 😊

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