My first stereo system


This is the place for someone who enjoys their music but wants to step up from Bluetooth speakers, single-channel audio, inbuilt TV speakers, or the earphones supplied with their mobile phone.

Why? Because it means going from a system that makes your music sound 'okay' to something that sounds unreal. And who doesn't want that?

Here we've put together a select group of audio systems for the music lover who wants to get serious without getting complicated and without getting expensive.

Each system is perfect for someone who doesn't yet own any hi-fi components. Here we cover the music source to play your collection, the amplification to beef up the signal, the stereo speakers to listen with a true soundstage, and the cables to hook it all up.

Our starter stereo systems will let you play music from common sources like vinyl and Bluetooth, as well as letting you plug in older components like CD players and radio tuners.

Browse your options here.

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