Rotel hand-made stereo amplifiers

There’s no way to capture human emotion on a spec sheet. That simple philosophy underpins every single thing that Rotel makes.

Every part of every Rotel amplifier and hi-fi component is carefully tested as part of the design process, undergoing rigorous reviews of the circuit design and extensive listening sessions to ensure that it all contributes to a moving musical experience.

Rotel calls that philosophy the Balanced Design Concept, and that approach has been the backbone of the company since its founding by Tomiko Tachikawa in 1961.

Decades later, Rotel is still owned by the Tachikawa family, and continues to uphold the traditions that made Rotel an iconic name in hi-fi. Every part, from transformers to CD players and amplifiers, is made in-house to ensure consistency and high performance, and is rigorously tested so that you can be proud to own a Rotel.

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