The Sounds Unreal story

We all love music and want to experience it in unreal quality, just like being at a concert, in the studio or at a cinema. Nothing beats the feeling of crisp vocals, deep bass and hearing the detail of every instrument in the band.

What are the enemies of this pursuit?

Background noise, distortion and a loss of detail. Think of laptop speakers, earphones supplied with your mobile and the speakers built into your TV. That hollow, weak, shallow sound.

The answer is the same as it has been since stereo was invented in the 20th century.

A good set of stereo speakers to reproduce the full soundstage. A standalone amplifier to deliver power and decode the signal accurately. A quality source like a turntable to extract fine details in the recordings.

For those who want something more compact or are on a budget, there are good all-in-one solutions too.

The difficulty is that knowing how to find the right gear can be intimidating. There are a lot of choices and ways to buy, with no guarantee that you've got the right system until it's set up at home.

Sounds Unreal is New Zealand's fresh way to experience great audio equipment.

We offer a thoughtful selection of products across the key categories of hifi stereo. Each one will deliver you great sound and great value.

We're authorised dealers for all of the products we sell, and each comes with a full local warranty. You can reach us by live-chat, phone or email for any advice or after-sales support you need.

We've got how-tos on choosing and setting up products, and curated guides to help you reach your listening objectives.

But that's just the beginning.

Sounds Unreal is not just about its products, but also about being a fun, hassle-free and informative way to shop. 

Every product comes with a 100-day risk-free trial. That means once you pay for it and you set it up after getting it delivered, we'll let you return it to us - no questions asked - if you're not fully satisfied. Even if it's in used condition.

We've done something unique in partnering with reputable hifi stores across New Zealand. Our checkout lets you choose to pick up your product from one of our physical locations and have a relationship with a quality local Kiwi dealer.

Payment's a breeze too. Good kit is a great investment but it can cost a bit of money. Our partnership with PartPay helps soften that blow. Oh, and shipping's free across New Zealand on all of our products.

And who could forget prices. We'll always be competitive there, of course.

But here's something cooler: every purchase earns you Unreal Cash, a store credit towards any future purchase with Sounds Unreal. It's a little-big thank you for becoming part of New Zealand's new hifi phenomenon. 

What are you waiting for? Start browsing our products.